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To Community fans, a message from Dan Harmon



A few hours ago, I landed in Los Angeles, turned on my phone, and confirmed what you already know. Sony Pictures Television is replacing me as showrunner on Community, with two seasoned fellows that I’m sure are quite nice - actually, I have it on good authority they’re quite nice, because…

I haven’t watched a lot of Community, but I’m posting this anyway because of how awesome it is and how much I was entertained. Best of luck Dan Harmon!

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Ah, Tokyo Babylon.
I love anime and manga, mostly older titles like this.
Tokyo Babylon was intriguing, romantic, and fashionable. Also, ANGST. A lot.
But those were the four basic food groups of teenage moi and this manga is one of my faves.
Tokyo Babylon is a modern-day fantasy that follows Subaru Sumeragi, a young onmyouji (spiritual medium) on his quest to protect Tokyo from the evil spirits that have secretly taken residence in the city. Subaru is the 13th head of the Sumeragi clan, and together with his twin sister Hokuto and the mysterious veterinarian Seishirou, they risk life and limb as they hunt down the ghosts that threaten to destroy the city. - Amazon

Subaru and Seishirou’s relationship was more than just friendly, as these lovely scans indicate, and of course it’s all terribly tragic in the end.
I don’t usually like bold, primary colors, but CLAMP’s art is some of my favorite. I particularly like that Seishirou looks so dramatically menacing.
Enjoy these fancy scans!

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